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Supply Chain Professional


A successful supply chain is a series of steps involved from raw materials to finished merchandise. This course defines the entire processes and stages of the supply chain including farming, the supply of raw materials, designing, refining, manufacturing, packaging, and transforming into finished products, transporting those products to the distribution channels, and finally sale to end-users. This course covers end-to-end Supply Chain Management (Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return) and supply chain models including, the efficient chain, the fast chain, and the continuous flow. The objective of the course is to deliver high-quality best-in-class imperative components to control Supply Chain strategic planning, responsive operations, visible competency, quick coordination, and relationship with suppliers, businesses, and individuals.


  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Supply Chain Executive
  • Supply Chain Coordinator
  • Supply Chain Controller
  • Team Lead Inventory
  • Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant

Course Outline:

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Demand Management
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Best Practices
  • Supply Chain Work Flow Design
  • Automation and Robotic Solutions
  • Supply Chain Tools and Technology
  • Performance Metrics in Supply Chains
  • Supply chain performance measurement
  • Strategic Importance of IT in Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Environmental Risk Management

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