The following instructions are only for those certifications, for which there is no cloud certifications yet.

You shall know your certification ID before the following steps.

In the following steps, we are taking one example certification (e.g. WEBI)

  1. We are providing these steps to help those candidates, who want to go for SAP certifications. As you can understand, steps keep changing from the time to time. You are responsible to take the right steps. This help document does not guarantee any correctness of the steps.
  2. You shall know your certification ID before starting these steps
  3. You are responsible for any cost associated with these steps, what so ever

There are two group of steps here:

  1. Register yourself to the
  2. Use the above ID to register for exam


Group-A: Register yourself to

1. Go to URL:

2.Click on Logon in the following screen: 3. Since you don’t have a SAP user ID, you will click on Register in the following screen

4.  Click on Register on the above screen

5. Enter the personal information in the following screen:

6. Hit Register when done.

7.It will send an email to activate to the email account that you entered above.

8.Go to the email and click activate

At this time, your SAP user id and password is created with the email that you entered above.


Group-B: Register yourself to the Certification Exam

At this time your user id and password is already there. You shall know your certification ID before the following steps are executed. In the following steps Webi certification is taken as an example

1.Go to the URL of your certification:

2. Click on Add to the basket

3.Now Proceed to basket(See the screen below)

4. Proceed to check out

5. Click on Continue with SAP User as it will help you to keep all of your information and your certification at this ID.

6. Enter the user id and password that you create in Group-A

7. Pay and Complete

PearsonVue Steps:

Once the above payment is done, SAP will send a voucher to you. Call Pearson vue and book exam

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