Academic Policies

Academic Policies

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy:

IIBS College gathers and maintains information used for the purpose of admission, registration and other activities related to being a member of the IIBS College community and attending a post- secondary institution in Ontario.

In signing an application for admission, all applicants are advised that both the personal information they provide and any other personal information placed into the student record will be protected and used or disclosed in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  The information will be protected, used, and disclosed in compliance with the College and Institute Act and the Freedom of information and Privacy Act. IIBS College may be required to disclose a student's personal information in the case of compelling circumstances where there is a risk to the health and safety of the student or of others.


IIBS College recognizes that learning which some students acquire from their life and work experiences may be equivalent to college-level learning.

  • Fees

IIBS college has specified fee structure for respective courses. Fees are payable in full as well as Instalments based on the modules

  • Repeating a Course

Any student who has previously taken a regular module or course or module, whether successful or unsuccessful, can come at repeat up to 2-3 classes based on the module.

Standards of Academic Progress

College has academic progress that students should familiarize themselves with upon enrolment in a program or course.

  • Student Evaluation Procedure

Each instructor will provide each student in his/her class with a course outline which includes the evaluation process during the  first meeting with that class. If a final examination will be used as a part of the formal evaluation, it must be specifically identified at this time.

  • Grade Notification

It is the responsibility of instructors to notify students of their grades. Generally, instructors post grades outside their offices or in the education school office. Instructors will advise as to the particular location. Grades will be posted using Student numbers.

  • Retention of Records

All students’ records are retained for 12 months for students. All HRDC approved students record are stored as per the PCC Act Policy 2005

Student Conduct Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide clear expectations of appropriate academic and non-academic student conduct and to establish processes for resolution of conduct issues or the imposition of sanctions for inappropriate conduct.

This policy does not apply to conduct related to harassment which is covered under the Human Rights Policy.


This policy covers all students enrolled in a college course or program, on or off campus, as well as prospective students, while engaged in college-related activities

The college is committed to high curriculum standards:

  • Every student will be provided a course outline that establishes student expectations and assessment criteria;
  • Student achievement against the assessment criteria is the basis for grading and evaluation;
  • Students are expected to meet the course requirements as described in the course outline;
  • Students experiencing difficulties  in meeting course requirements are expected to seek help in a timely manner; •   To facilitate learning, whenever possible, staff and faculty will identify where students can obtain extra support that is available through the college; and,
  • Entrance to a program or course of study does not ensure successful completion. To enhance the learning environment, the college expects all students to act in an honest and appropriate manner:

The college will not tolerate inappropriate student conduct such as academic dishonesty, or disruptive, threatening or dangerous conduct.

  • The college will take whatever action is necessary to intervene when inappropriate student conduct occurs and will impose disciplinary consequences that reflect the severity and nature of the inappropriate conduct. The college is committed to the provision of a fair and timely appeal process through which student concerns regarding final grades and discipline can be addressed.

Imposed discipline will remain in place while an appeal is being considered.


Academic Dishonesty: Obtaining an academic advantage dishonestly through conducts such as cheating or plagiarism. Academic dishonesty also includes gaining admission through dishonest means, whether providing false or fraudulent documentation or withholding information or documentation required for admission.

Cheating: To obtain an academic advantage through an act of deceit, fraud, distortion of the truth, or improper use of another person's effort.

Plagiarism: The presentation of another person's or source's words and/or ideas as one's own. Plagiarism ranges from an entire assignment that is not the student's own work to specific passages within an assignment taken from a source without acknowledgement

Inappropriate Student Conduct: Any conduct that has the effect of disrupting the learning environment or that is a threat, or perceived to be a threat, to the safety of other students, staff, and faculty, whether conducted on or off campus.

Decision-maker: Any member of the college faculty, staff or administration who holds the authority for making a decision regarding final grades or for imposing discipline.

 Disciplinary Consequences

Disciplines are intended to be corrective and to reflect the severity and nature of the inappropriate conduct. In some instances appropriate action may include the involvement of authorities outside of the college. At any time, the Dean, Director, Chair or instructor may refer students to appropriate services, such as counselling, financial aid or disability support services. If a student believes he or she has been treated unfairly in relation to the imposition of the following measures, he or she may seek resolution, within the stipulated timelines, through the process outlined in the Student Appeals Policy.

Student penalties and Fines Policy


This policy applies to all students, past and present, and to all administrative units providing services or loans (library, Equipment, or materials) to students, which carry a financial or return obligation on the part of the student.


Penalties and fines are established to encourage students to meet their obligations to return loaned items owned by the college and to pay monies owed to the college.

The college will ensure all fines and penalties are administered impartially and fairly.

Fines and penalties will be established for non-payment of tuition fees or failure to return loaned items. The chief penalty will be the suspension of student access to services until the college-owed obligation has been met. The student may appeal the imposed fine or penalty at the place at which it was imposed.

As appropriate, the college will make use of collection agencies to collect monies owed to the college.

Students who have incurred a penalty and/or fine must return to the issuing department to make payment.

Guidelines Paying Fines & Removal of Penalties

The issuing department will receive payment and remove any imposed penalties as follows:

If students have received library fines, they must return to the library to pay the fine and then have any imposed penalty removed; •   If tuition fees are in arrears, students will return to the Student Services department (cashier) to pay their fees; or, •   If students have received notice from a collection agency, they must pay the account directly to the collection agency.

Withdrawal Policy:


The purpose of this policy is to establish clear, consistent principles and guidelines for the course withdrawal process.


This policy applies to all students enrolled in college courses.

Official withdrawal deadlines do not normally apply to self-paced programs.


IIBS College recognizes that students may need to withdraw from courses. Financial and/or academic penalties for course withdrawals may be imposed depending on whether students withdraw before or after the fee deadline or course withdrawal deadline. See "Definitions" below.

Apply for your Withdrawal and Refund

To apply for your refund, you are required to submit an International Student Withdrawal Form along with the refund request. The withdrawal Request Form must be submitted by the deadline as mentioned in the criteria in order to be eligible for a fee refund. Your Withdrawal Forms can be submitted in person or emailed to:

Visa Denied

If your Visa has been denied by the Canadian Embassy, tuition fees which you have paid to IIBS College may be refundable. To be eligible for a refund submit the Withdrawal Form within the first 10 school days your program start date at IIBS College.

Upon receipt of Withdrawal Form a $500 Canadian Dollars Administrative fee may be deducted from the total amount paid to the College. The Withdrawal Processing time is approximately 4 - 6 weeks, upon receipt of complete refund documents.

Application for refund may be submitted via:

Withdraw reasons other than that of a Visa Denial:

  1. Application Withdrawal
    (Prior to Reaching Canada)

If you choose not to pursue studies in Canada (your visa has not been denied and you are still in your home country), you may be eligible for a partial refund. To be eligible for a partial refund, a Withdrawal form must be submitted within the first 10 days of your program start date to IIBS College. A partial hold back Fee of $2000 Canadian Dollars will be deducted from the total amount paid. Fees in excess of the holdback fee will be refunded. Withdrawal processing time is approximately 4 - 6 weeks, upon receipt of complete refund package only. Please also note that Immigration will be notified of your withdrawal from IIBS College.

Application for refund may be submitted via

  1. Program Withdrawal
    (After Reaching Canada)

If you choose not to pursue studies at IIBS College once your Study Permit (Student Visa) has been approved, you may be eligible for a partial refund. To be eligible for a partial refund, a Withdrawal form must be submitted within the first 10 days of your program start at IIBS College, to International Student Services, IIBS College. A partial holdback fee of $2500 Canadian Dollars will be deducted from the total amount. Fees in excess of the holdback fee will be refunded to the student. Processing time is approximately 4 - 6 weeks, upon receipt of complete refund application documents. Please also note that Immigration will be notified of your withdrawal from IIBS College.

Please Note:

  • NO REFUND of the fee paid, if withdrawal request is asked for after 10 days of the program start date at IIBS College.
  • Students that are withdrawing from the course for any of the above mentioned reasons, the fee refund will be issued back as per the format it was provided to the college, the original method of payment received – meaning fees paid.
  • Students are required to submit the appropriate forms in regards to the method of fee refund
  • It is the responsibility of the student to produce and submit all appropriate documentation to the Admission officer, International department. Incomplete or missing documents will cause delay and the ability to process your refund.
  • All request for Withdraw should be submitted, along with all the appropriate documents along with appropriate documents.
  • All application requests for tuition fee refunds are evaluated and dealt with by per request basis.

Please provide one of the following documents with your Withdrawal Request Form for processing your Withdrawal:

  • Visa Rejection copy
  • If returning home, your plane ticket is required (when in Canada).

Other circumstance, please speak to Manager of Admissions, Student Recruitment and International Office to provide more details

  • After the course withdrawal deadline, students may no longer officially withdraw. Students who fail to successfully complete the course may be assigned an "F" grade.

Students experiencing extenuating medical or compassionate circumstances who wish to withdraw after the course withdrawal deadline and/or ask for a refund may apply for special consideration. Definitions

Fee Deadline:

The fee deadline is the date course fees are due and is the last day fees are refundable. This date is usually 14 days after the semester/quarter begins or 7 days after the term begins. Official fee deadline dates are published in the IIBS College calendar.

 Course Withdrawal Deadline:

The course withdrawal deadline is the last day students may withdraw from courses to avoid a possible academic penalty. Course withdrawal deadlines are set at 66% of course length regardless of the start and end dates (with the exception of self-paced courses—see "Scope/Limits"). Students may obtain official course withdrawal deadline dates from the following sources:

  • For courses with irregular start and end dates, students must contact Enrolment Services.
  • Students enrolled in self-paced programs must consult Enrolment Services for withdrawal deadlines. Withdrawal is not permitted for prior learning assessment (PLA) courses of one week’s duration or less. Guidelines for Withdrawing After the Fee Deadline and Before the Course Withdrawal Deadline


To avoid academic penalty, all students must submit a 'Request to Add, Audit, or Drop Course After Fee Deadline' form to Enrolment Services.


In addition to completing this form, the following students must obtain signatures of approval by contacting the appropriate office

  • Students in career programs: In order to be fully informed of the implications of withdrawing from a course, students enrolled in career programs are required to obtain the signature of their Program Chair/Leader prior to withdrawal.
  • International students: International students who wish to withdraw are required to obtain a signature from an International Advisor in the International Education department.