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16 Years

Founded in 2005, 16 Years and Counting


Graduate since 2005


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Our Competitive Edge

Our Faculty and experienced staff creates a unique learning environment

Judging by the quality of our graduates, IIBS is one of the leading colleges in Canada. As a result, our programs give graduates a competitive advantage in seeking employment. As a matter of fact, many IIBS students are always exposed to early employment opportunities organized by the IIBS services

Welcome to Innovations in Business Solutions Inc.

Innovations in Business Solutions is among the most transformative institutions that aim to train and instill students with the necessary skills and knowledge. We are a Private College approved under the Private Career College Act of 2005. Founded in 2005, IIBS is a renowned training facility that has produced the best minds in the last sixteen years.

Our Ethos is to ensure that all the programs offered are relevant to the students’ career desires. We are committed to anchoring every available program alongside the contemporary needs in the labour market by inculcating our students with practical skills.

Why students are choosing and trusting Innovations in Business Solutions?


IIBS offers 2-way training approach by a range of flexible learning options to suit different learning styles and accommodate busy schedules, including traditional classroom courses, innovative virtual training.I


IIBS College learning centre provide excellent Infrastructure, big classrooms, free high-speed Wi-Fi, and complimentary refreshments.I


Our trainers and consultants have on an average of +10 years of industry experience, are accredited, certified and hands-on and are recognized thought leaders in their space.I


IIBS College student division provides excellent support to the students through their unique ticket system where the turn around time to resolve each ticket very quick. All the Instructors and students are connected through yahoo groups where students queries and issues are immediately taken care by Instructors even outside the class timings.I


IIBS offers more than 50 Diplomas and Certifications design with the help of industry professional to give our students the knowledge and skills aligned to market needs and wants.

Artificial Intelligence

Business Analysis

Business Administration

QA Software Testing

Project Management

Supply Chain

Enterprise Resource Planning

Business Intelligence

Digital Marketing

Full Stack Java Developer

Data Analytics

Cyber Security

Risk Management

Data Scientist

Student Services to give our students exceptional learning experience

IIBS offers students support facilities, financial services, career counselling desk and placement services. We encourage our students to take advantage of our student services. Our support staff assists students by providing all necessary information, help interacting and communication with tutors and fellow peers.

Placement Services and Career management

Through our large network with employers, we offer placement help to graduates. IIBS also has


IIBS has a mentoring program that was established in 2016. We believe that mentoring is a powerful personal and career

Career Counselor Desk

IIBS provides career counseling services where participants can discuss their education and experience to select

Financial Options

PAYMENT AND FUNDING OPTIONS When it comes to investing in your future it pays to choose the right

System Support

We give our students the best possible system support and infrastructure. Our technical support staff is available throughout

Corporate Training

Corporate Training If you are considering training opportunities for your organization staff, consider

Test Center

Test Center KRYTERION: IIBS offers Kryterion testing facility at our campus for anyone who requires

Alumni Network

IIBS Alumni network is an amazing opportunity to stay connected for graduates. The graduates stay connected 
Learning at IIBS
Transfer of Credit

IIBS aims at making its students all around, well trained and ready for the job market. This is the motivating factor behind the variety of programs offered by the Institution. The College currently offers over 50 programs, internship opportunities, and multiple practical training sessions. This gives the students a wide variety of options in making the appropriate decisions as they advance in the academic ladder.

All the applicants with diplomas and certificates that are accredited by the Ministry Of education or any other international institution may articulate the programs of study that the IIBS College offers.

All the applicants admitted to the IIBS College from other educational institutions can apply for their credits to be transferred to the IIBS.

The IIBS College also has a large number of experienced instructors who take the students through their respective programs. Many tutors allow them to give each of the learner’s attention, which enhances proper learning.

What We Do

Fast Track Training

Hand-on Learning

Targeted Course Content

Experienced Industry Instructor

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